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D’vine Hair Salon is a full-service hair salon specializing in hair coloring, hair extensions, and keratin treatments. We also provide facial services, eyebrow threading, and body waxing.  With over 50 years combined experience, the talented and skillful stylists at D’vine Hair Salon will create the perfect look for you.


Glenys Ramirez















With a heart like Mother Teresa and a talent for beauty like no other, Glenys Ramirez has called D’vine Hair Salon her joy and pride for over seven years now. As the owner, founder, and CEO of one of South Florida’s best beauty salons, Glenys has made it her business to feel their most beautiful, with a beauty experience that is nothing short of D’vine. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Glenys came to the United States after being raised in a household of women who knew a thing or two about beauty. With a mother who ran a hair studio out of her own home, Glenys found herself learning the craft of hairstyling well before she realized her own talents. But before taking the family business full circle by opening her own beauty salon in Miami, Florida, Glenys, like many of us – had to work her way up the ranks.

Glenys put herself through training, as a single mother no less, and earned her way up to the top of her industry. With 17 years of experience behind her, Glenys is proud to hold a cosmetology license and is certified through the Power Professional Masters Artistry Program. Additionally, she holds certification in Hothead, Socape, and Great Length Extensions. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she is a certified Master Haircutter and won the award for ***** BEST HAIR STYLIST OF THE YEAR 2000 *****.

But the best part of all of this? Glenys Ramirez remains true to her craft, her passion, and her desire to making other women look and feel their best. She works tirelessly to ensure that D’vine Hair Salon remains one of the top locations that women rely on for their beauty needs, and looks forward to helping you feel D’vine – today.

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